From off the top of my head and other strange places VI

Random thoughts while contemplating the magnitude of getting Peyton Manning for my fantasy football team:

  • Next up are the Royals, for 3 games in the K. We are 8-5 against them. Does anyone remember that we were 1-5 against them at one point?
  • Who’s everyone rooting for in the playoffs? Since Detroit has kicked our heads in so badly this year, I think I’m going to root for them. If you’re only going to win 4 games in a season series with a division opponent (assuming the likely event of a Tigers sweep at the Jake this weekend), you might as well get to say it was against the champs.
  • The White Sox are still the Evil People. Anyone who accepts employment with them becomes one of Lucifer’s top aids. That wil be the case long after time comes to an end. It’s a hard and fast mathematical equation – White Sox = Evil.
  • It was noted the other day that Jhonny Peralta is now 4th (from the top) in the AL in fielding percentage for shortstops. Maybe he will earn that monster contract after all.
  • I would rather watch Jeremy Sowers vs. Anyone in a 2-1 game that Sowers wins than an 11-10 game any day. Maybe it’s because great pitching is rare (for those of us that don’t live in Detroit or the Twin Cities), but I love a great pitchers’ duel.
  • Speaking of football, I hope Cleveland citizens won’t hate me when my Panthers beat the Browns this year. Keep in mind – the Browns are 0-for-life against Carolina.
  • Shipiro had better not whiff when shopping for a closer like he did last year.
  • Speaking of closers, good thing he didn’t take me up on my challenge to pay me for being the first to tout Carmona as closer, huh? Guess that’s why he’s the Indians GM, and I’m a shmuck sitting on his duff in Charlotte NC writing in a blog.
  • I would probably hate the White Sox a lot less if Hawk Harrelson disappeared off the face of the earth. Has there ever been a more annoying announcer ever in any sport? I mean, besides Chris Berman?



    A Warrior’s Random Thoughts:
    – Kansas City has a worse team than we do, so it is obvious that we can beat them.

    – I am rooting for Minnesota, because I hate them less than anyone else.

    – The White Sox are evil, but as we all know EVIL EMPIRES FALL! Wait till next year Sox.

    – Anyone other than Omar Vizquel at shortstop, it does not matter their fielding %.

    – I agree, good pitching beats great hitting.

    – We won’t hate you, the only team the browns can beat on a consistant basis is themselves.

    -Shapiro didn’t whiff on a closer, he got the best. If Bob decides to come back I hope Shapiro is man enough to bring back WICKY TIME!

    -Carmona is a starter, bottomline.

    -I hate the white sox period.

  2. James

    Can’t say I disagree on any of those thoughts except on Big Bob. I think we need to let Mastny continue to close games until he proves he cannot (like Carmona did so quickly).

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