This is foul

Since I was a Royals fan for so many years, I am en expert at watching bad baseball (Watching 4 years of 100 losses out of 5 years will make you an expert). The debacle that is the Tribe in 2006 is among the worst I have ever seen.

Yesterday was particularly disgusting. I really wanted to blow my lunch. The defense is worse than the Royals ever dreamed of being. The baserunning, aside from #24, could easily be duplicated by a crew of toddlers (strike that, the toddlers would do better). And it has been, what, a month since anyone got a hit with a runner in scoring position?

Sowers would be on the way to Rookie of the year if only Liriano of Minnesota wasn’t a rookie this year. Grady is every bit the all-star, and Pronk, despite his recent slide, is the most under-rated player in the AL.

The rest of the team could be dropped into Lake Erie and only their loved ones would notice.

I have never seen such a bunch of pathetic, under-achieving bums in my life.




    I agree with you, this year has stunk. It seems that the organization telling tribe fans that we would contend in 2005 and beyond, was a lie. You don’t spend 18 million dollars on two bums in your pitching rotation, and the sad thing is we still have one of them. I really think Eric Wedge has lost this team and the organization is to naive to realize it. They would rather trade mistakes than take care of the biggest one in their dugout. He may not be all of the problem, but he is not part of the solution. GOD I MISS THE 90’S.


    This guy is telling native Clevelanders about losing baseball? I love it! With the exception of a few years in the 90’s, I’ve been watching really bad baseball for decades! Why? Because they’re notorious cheapskates. When you sell out 500 in a row, you don’t rebuild, you reload!

  3. James

    Thanks for the thoughts guys. I don’t have a problem with Wedge. It’s not his fault that nobody on the squad can field worth a flip, and it’s not his fault that until a week ago, there was only a 1 in 20 shot that a base stealer would be caught.

    Shipiro gets the blame for this roster. I will grant that there was no way we could match the Rangers offer to Milwood, and Byrd hasn’t been that bad. Jason Johnson was a major mistake, and the Crisp deal will be labeled a failure until Marte makes an All-Star team.

    I can promise you that if I lived in Cleveland, I would have been to as many games as my wallet would allow. The 90’s were great, but let’s be honest – the fan support, especially last year, could have been better. Hopefully 2007 will bring more reason to attend games and cheer.

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