Bummed out

Tongue Man has been dealt to St. Louis. I am so bummed out. Now the tongue-wagging will be in an enemy park. A large part of the team personality has been shipped out. Not happy…….



  1. matt.rocky@sbcglobal.net

    I just don’t understand the trading of Ronnie Belliard? They have no answer at second base and he has definitely proven that he can produce and produce well. They will definitely miss him and I feel after trading Brandon Phillips they have no replacement. Hector Luna is a cheap utility player that will be play as hard or as well as Ronnie. I think he played one **** of a second base and could hit in the clutch. I hope they can bring him back for next year and don’t understand why he can’t get a long term contract but Johnny Peralta gets one after a good rookie year. Explain that for me. Ronnie was a fan favorite as well as a producer and a veteran. They absoulutely have none and that is a reason why they are losing.

    I just can’t believe they traded him.

    Nothing more!!!

  2. James

    Sorry for the late response on this one… I feel your pain. Ronnie is a good guy and decent player. Did you notice how reluctant he was to go from a losing team to a first-place team? Tells you something about our clubhouse.

    From what I read (between the lines) about the deal, Ronnie may very well end up back in Cleveland next year if both Luna and Inglett flop the rest of this year. I think Luna is going to be around a while though. We drafted him but lost him in the Rule 5 draft, so the organization is likely to give him a long leash.

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