Trying to remain upbeat

The home PC is fixed, finally. Too bad it is now way too depressing to blog about the Tribe. It is unbelievable how badly this has turned out. The 2 problems have been that nobody can seem to catch the ball (other than Grady), and nobody in the bullpen can get anybody out (so it was a genuine surprise how Mastny managed to finish Saturday’s game).

But let’s try to keep our heads up as best we can. Marte is getting better, at the plate and at third base. Garko is hitting better than expected. Grady deserved his All-Star appearance (instead of just being there becasue an Indian had to be there). Pronk has been Pronk, and God love him for it. Hey, Shoppach actually threw some base stealers out the other day! And did anyone predict that Choo would hit as well as he has? No, especially me (since I ridiculed the trade when it happened, I won’t claim I saw it coming).

C.C. and Cliff have been steady despite some bad fortune. Sowers has been even better than advertised. Westbrook and Byrd have been decent as the 4 and 5 starters.

And we still have not seen Trevor Crowe, Adam Miller or any of those studs we have in the lower minor leagues yet. All is not lost. We may not win 93 every year, but I expect this year to be the exception, not the norm.


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