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I’d say he’s doing very well.

Anthony Castrovince notes that Wedge is now 247-246 as a manager with Tuesday’s win. And since the All-Star break of 2004, he is 137-107 (.561).

A .561 winning percentage over the course of a whole season is 90.882 wins. I agree with Castrovince’s assessment of the league, when he said that 93 wins would not leave a team at home in October this year. If you think about it, the strongest teams in baseball are the White Sox and Cardinals, at least on paper. No real glaring weaknesses. Everyone else has flaws – Oakland’s pitchers are very young, the LA-Anaheim-Orange County-Ventura Highway-California-etc. Angels seem to lack chemistry, the Yankees are still old, the jury is still out on the Red Sox pitching, and there’s no way the Tribe’s entire lineup is going to stay this hot all year. The Evil People will probably win the Central easily, but if we do end up with 91 wins, I’m willing to bet we’ll be in the wild card spot. I think the Yankees win 92 to win the East, Oakland wins 89 to win the West.

Wedge is turning to be quite a hire. He has been given a talented roster, he emplys good strategy and the players go all out for him.

All we need now is for the good people of Cleveland to actually go to the games….